What is Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies?

What is Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies?

Studio Ghibli is probably one of the biggest cartoon movie production company in Japan.

You probably know some of their works.

The movies below are ranked in Top 10 Popular Ghibli Movies.

Have you seen them??

1. Spirited Away

I believe that most of the people who have seen some Studio Ghibli movies agree that “Spirited Away” is probably the most popular one.

The story begins with a family with the main girl, Chihiro and her parents being on the way to their new home in the car.

They took a wrong way there and accidently end up in the town where Chihiro felt weird about but her parents don’t.

This was the beginning of a strange and tough adventure for Chihiro (maybe for her parents too…?)

2. Princess Mononoke

This one is as famous as “Spirited Away” too.

The story is supposed to be in 1300-1500s in Japan.
After I watch this movie, I came to think that we, the people on earth never wins over the nature and have to live in harmony with the nature and I believe that Studio Ghibli is trying to tell that message to people who watch the movie.

3. My Neighbor Totoro

This movie has been loved by a lot of children, generation to generation.

I have never met people of my age who have not seen this movie.

The story is with sisters and their weird but cute-looking “neighbor,” Totoro who only can be seen by children.

I said that a lot of children like this movie but if you see it after you have grown up, you can see from a different point of view and it is really moving.

Thank you for your time to read the article.

I hope you have enjoyed our “online Japan tour.”

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