Car Industry History of Japan Vol. 1

Car Industry History of Japan Vol. 1

The first car ever in Japanese history was steam engine vehicle made in 1904 by Torao Yamawa.  Unfortunately, this first ever car in Japan had so many troubles and it was never practically used.

In 1907, Shintaro Yoshida and Komanosuke Uchiyama made 10 gasoline engine cars for the first time in Japan.  After that, some other people tried to manufacture Japanese made cars too but they failed.

In 1911, Kaishin-sha factory was founded and three years after that, they produced the first passenger car called “Dat.”
The first mass production of cars in Japan is done by Hakuyo-sha.  They made 230 passenger vehicles at last.

However, GM and Ford started knock-down factories in Japan at the same time and the market became oligopoly which made Kaishin-sha and Hakuyo-sha dissolved.

To be continued…

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