What is Valentine’s Day in Japan like?

What is Valentine’s Day in Japan like?

In most countries in the world, men give their girlfriends/partners presents such as flowers and sweets or take them to dinner.

In Japan, it is the other way round.  Women give their boyfriends/partners CHOCOLATE.  It is specifically chocolate in almost all the relationships…weirdly.

During 1950s (or probably way before,) a famous chocolate and sweets company started their advertisement saying like “Let’s give your favorite men chocolate on Valentine’s Day!”  This sales copy created Japanese Valentine’s Day tradition and it still last.

Around Valentine’s Day, if you go to shopping malls or department stores, you will be around all those delicious-looking, cute and unique (sometimes) chocolates.  Even if you are not really interested in chocolates normally, I am sure you have so much fun looking at various kinds of chocolates!


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