There are Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day in Japan???

There are Girl’s Day and Boy’s Day in Japan???

March 3rd is called “Girl’s Day” and May 5th is called “Boy’s Day” in Japan. 

On Girl’s Day, the family with girls display Hina dolls. Hina dolls represent the Emperor and the Empress dressed in a kimono and the people who work in the palace.  Also, a mirror, drawers, a sewing box are displayed on the shelf with seven steps.

The reason why they display those dolls of the Emperor and the Empress and other people working in the palace is to celebrate girls’ healthy growth, and also hope that they continue to grow as gracefully as the hina dolls.

On Boy’s Day, the family with boy display warrior dolls and a helmet to wish their boys’ strength.  A lot of people also display Koi shaped flag in their yard.  This tradition came from Chinese legend that a carp becomes a dragon after it succeeds in climbing the torrent.  This is also to wish the boys’ strength.

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