Hanami is directly translated into “Cherry Blossom Viewing” in Japan.

Cherry blossoms bloom between late March and the beginning of April, in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

The peak bloom period depends on where you are because the climate affects a lot.

In Okinawa which is the most south part in Japan, Sakura Festivals are held in January, on the other hand in Hokkaido which is the most north part, it’s in early May.

At the first or second week of March which is right before the season, the Japan Meteorological Agency issues cherry blossom forecasts.

We enjoy eating and drinking with our family, friends or coworkers under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms.  We also enjoy Yozakura, the illuminated cherry blossom at night.  I recommend you to go to see it too because it’s fantastic and very beautiful.

Erika with Japon

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