Car Industry History of Japan Vol. 6

Car Industry History of Japan Vol. 6

In 1970s, since a lot of people started having their own cars, the numbers of car accidents marked the highest in Japan.  People sarcastically called this “The War of Traffic.” 

A lot of people having their own cars also negatively affected the environment too.  Developed countries started issuing environmental standards and a lot of car companies disagreed with them at first but this was when people and companies started acknowledging how important to develop environmental measures when making cars.

In 1980s, Japanese cars were the most sold cars around the world. 

Toyota Celsior, Nissan SKYLINE GTR and Mazda Roadster (EX-5, Miata) which are loved by many people now still were released. 

Fancy cars were very popular during 80s.  In 1990, Honda NSX was released.  It has Aluminum made body, with a big trunk and 3 litter V6 engine.  Also, people could chose automatic too even though it was a sports car.

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