The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 1

The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 1

The NES (called “Family Computer” in Japan) was released in Japan.  What NES tried to offer people was “Arcade game at home.”

It had a white and red body, bigger (if you think of Nintendo now) game-cassette outlet than now.  People became very into it.

Nintendo made a lot of NES video games that got extremely popular that led third party gaming companies joined the market and tremendous amount of video games for NES were released.

As a result, 60,000,000 NESs were sold and made a new record of gaming history.

Before NES’s great success, Nintendo had released “Game and Watch” which was also a hit.  Nintendo put their profit from it into the development of NES.  Without Game and Watch’s hit, NES might have not been released and other famous video game consoles after NES.

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