The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 4

The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 4

SEGA who lost The Console War (See the last post about this) released “Dreamcast” in 1998.  The specialty of it was its memory card that had a screen called “Visual Memory.”  This made people play mini video game without a console.

SONY released “Playstation2” in 2000 that was used as a DVD player too.  They immediately ruled the market with it and SEGA decided a withdrawal from the market.

In 2001, Nintendo released “Game Cube.”  It did not really go well as they expected, but its controllers are still used by many people even now. 

Contrary to console market, Nintendo ruled the mobile game market when they released “GAMEBOY ADVANCE.” 

In 2002, Microsoft released “Xbox” in Japan too but it did never get popular in Japan.

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