The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 5

The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 5

In 2004, Both “Playstation Portable” and “Nintendo DS” were released.  Functionally speaking, Playstation Portable was way better but DS attracted wide age ranged people and succeeded more.

1 year after that, “Xbox360,” “Playstation 3” and “Wii” were released.  If you look around the world, the sales of all those three was even but if you look at the Japanese market, only few people had Xbox360 although a lot of people knew it might be better than PS3.

The sales point of PS3 was that it was also used as a Blu-ray player but Wii was sold more.  Wii had that famous controller that enabled people play more instinctively and feel more like really IN a video game.

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