The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 6

The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 6

“Kinect” that was a peripheral of Xbox360 was released in 2010.  It had a camera, sensitivity sensor or microphone.  You did not need any controllers in your hand.

In Japan, the sales of Xbox360 was not really good so people did not talk about this much but the function of Kinect was phenomenal in other countries and it was used in other applications too besides video game.

In 2011, “Nintendo 3DS” and “Playstation VITA” were released.  At the same time, smartphones were getting popular and popular so they each had a camera, motion sensor, and AR functions…etc to make them unique.

The specialty of 3DS was 3D images without any special glasses and that of Playstation VITA was GPS or 3G internet.

In terms of sales, 3DS was better, but VITA was also popular for its specification way beyond PS3 and fulfilling entertainment functions.

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