The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 7

The History of Japanese Video Game Vol. 7

Nintendo released “Wii U” in 2012.  It had a screen on its controller which enabled people do complicated multi-play and play video games without TV.  Playstation and Xbox also had a screen on external devices too so Wii U did not really have advantages over them.

In 2014, “Xbox One” and “Playstation 4” was released.  PS4 learnt from their former product, PS3 that the console has to be easy for video game developers to develop and make video games for, so a lot of video game companies started developing and selling video games for PS4 that made PS4 reach 100 million sales at the fastest speed in video game history.

A lot of video games for Xbox One were also played on PS4 so Xbox One was not sold even as much as Xbox360 because people chose PS4.

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