Japanese Cartoon History vol. 5

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 5

In 1932, some young cartoonists back then started the cartoonist organization.  Their cartoons were different from old cartoons.  Instead of a brush, they used pens.  They didn’t like captions and other sentences.  These cartoons got very popular and stimulated other young cartoonists to have their organizations.

During 1930s, a lot of cartoons for children were released on newspapers and magazines also as comic books.  However, many children at that time were not able to buy those magazines and comic books because they were very expensive.  What they were interested back then was picture-story shows. 

During WW2, a lot of cartoonists were forced to work as a propaganda cartoonist.  Some published anti-war cartoons and some went to China which was colonized by Japan back then and influenced Chinese cartoons.

To be continued…

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