Japanese Cartoon History vol. 6

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 6

What influenced most on Japanese children cartoons after the war was picture-story shows.  Random cartoonists who posted on newspapers influenced adults’ cartoons as the freedom of speech somewhat revived.  A lot of their cartoons were anti-government.  Some of the random cartoonists became professional cartoonists.

During early 1950s, monthly magazines for children were issued and at the same time, authors of picture-story shows published books with a lot of illustrations.  Those books got popular and children were into them.

During late 1950s, rental libraries became popular as the commodity price went up.  Cartoons got as popular as picture-story shows at this point.  If you know Shigeru Mizuki who made “GeGeGe no Kitaro,” he was the one of cartoonists who got famous from this rental library boom by selling his own cartoons.

To be continued…

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