Japanese Cartoon History vol. 7

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 7

When children who grew up with rental libraries or picture-story shows became adults, some of them send their cartoons to children magazines to get judged by famous cartoonists who are like Osamu Tezuka, the cartoonists of “Astro Boy.”  Students started their cartoon club at their schools and some people from there got famous later on.

In 1959, sill-famous cartoon magazines called “Shonen Sunday” and “Shonen Magazine” were first issued.  Their budget was very low to enable children to but their magazines, so the only way for them to keep their operation was having long series to get subscribers keep buying their magazines.  Some cartoonists quit because their due dates too tight to keep up with but some started having their assistants to solve this problem.

As cartoon magazines kept succeeding, the era of rental libraries came to the end.

To be continued…

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