Japanese Cartoon History vol. 10

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 10

In 1977, the cartoon movie “Space Battleship YAMATO” was a big hit.  In 1979, also very famous cartoon movie called “Galaxy Express 999” was a big hit.  People got to know how much cartoon can affect the society. 

In the beginning of 1980s, kids grew up with cartoon magazines became high schoolers and kids born in 1970 who grew up with the growth of cartoon movies and TV shows became elementary schoolers.  At the same time, the first convenience store opened in Japan.  With these backgrounds, the competition of each publisher’s boy and girl cartoon magazines got very intense.  Some got bigger and some lost their sales.

The famous cartoons born during this time are: Touch, Dr. SLUMP, Captain Tsubasa, Kinnikuman, Dragon Ball and so on.

To be continued…

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