Japanese Cartoon History vol. 11

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 11

During late 1980s, the cartoon industry in Japan revived again with the child boom.  A lot of categories for all ages got popular and the industry got more competitive.

Especially, girl’s comic books were sold a lot.  “Ribon” which is still famous monthly comic magazines made 2 million sales. 

In 1986, three famous publishers dominated the comic book market in Japan.  Regarding boy’s cartoon magazines, “Weekly Shonen Jump” was the solo victor. 

In 1995, the Japanese cartoon sales reached its own peak.  Dragon Ball and Slum Dank were finished their series on Weekly Shonen Jump, the sales of that magazine started decreasing.  After that, cartoons/comics made their appearances on TV, movies or even collaborated with computer video games.

To be continued…

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