Japanese Cartoon History vol. 12

Japanese Cartoon History vol. 12

From 2000s to 2010s, Japanese cartoons became considered as one of Japanese cultures.  A lot of cartoons and comics that had been discontinued revived these years and the museum of Japanese cartoons was opened in 2006 in Kyoto, which attracted many foreign tourists.

Weekly Shone Jump which has still been considered as the most popular comic magazine and had so many famous comic series such as ONE PIECE, NARUTO, HUNTER x HUNTER, Prince of Tennis or BLEACH made the best sales in 2002 again in comic book market.

During late 2000s, Kingdom, Space Brothers, Tokyo Ghoul, and other famous adult’s comic series were born.

Now, you can read whatever comic you want to read on the internet and young cartoonists also post their cartoons/comics there so there are a lot more cartoons coming in than before.

Hope you get interested in Japanese cartoons!


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