The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 1

The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 1

In 1884, the western food restaurant called “Yowaken” started serving ramen called “Nankin Soba” in Hakodate, Hokkaido and this has been said the first ramen in Japan (there are other stories on the origin of ramen though.)  The broth was salt based which did not have any colors and was made of kombu (seaweed,) seafood, vegetables, pork and chicken bones and of course salt.

In 1910, the first ever Japanese ramen restaurant in Tokyo called “Rai-rai Ken” was open.  Their ramen was soy sauce based made of soy sauce and chicken broth.  Nowadays, there are a lot of soy sauce based broth not only made of chicken bones but also beef bone, pork bone or seafood.  There are also a lot of kinds in ingredients in ramen so you can enjoy different kinds of ramen every time you go to a different restaurant.

To be continued…

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