The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 2

The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 2

In 1916, the owner of Rai-rai Ken (see “The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 1”) opened a western food restaurant called “Ebisu-Shokudo” and the Chinese chef there started serving ramen.

Rizaburo Ogawa who learnt how to cook ramen from that Chinese chef, opened up his restaurant called “Horaiken” in 1930 and this is the origin of “Sano Ramen” which is still famous ramen style in Japan now.  The specialty of this kind of ramen is chewy, thin noodle and soy sauce based with Umami.

If you ever have a chance to go to the north part of Tokyo area, that is the pace famous for Sano Ramen so I am sure it is fun to do a ramen shop tour!

The noodles in Sano Ramen look like this

To be continued…

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