The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 3

The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 3

In 1937, the first ever ramen restaurant in the west south part of Japan called “Nankin Senryo” was opened up.  Their broth is pork bone based and the most of the time, the color of the pork bone-based broth is white.

The way they cooked the broth was not to boil the broth but like simmer for a very long time.  One time in 1947, a pork bone-based ramen restaurant in the south part of Japan accidently boiled the broth and it became very white.  They tried that broth and it tasted good.  This is the origin of all the pork based-ramen still famous in the south part of Japan.

In 1947, the ramen shop called “Shukaen” released soy sauce-based ramen with pork fat.  This style of ramen is still famous on the west part of Japanese mainland and called “Onomichi Ramen.” 

To be continued…

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