The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 4

The History of Japanese Ramen vol. 4

In 1955, Kazuo Yamagishi who was the manager of “Higashi-Ikebukuro Daisho Ken” made Tsukemen which the noodles are cold and the hot broth is in the other bowl.  He is called “The God of Ramen.”

At the same time in Hokkaido (the north part of Japan,) miso-based ramen with miso and pork bone broth and wrinkled noodles was made.  The instant miso noodle that was started selling in 1968 made miso ramen famous all over Japan.

During 1950s, Abura-Soba that did not have any broth but soy sauce-based sauce at the bottom of a bowl was made in Tokyo.  You mix that sauce at the bottom, noodles and other ingredients before you eat.

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