Second-Hand Phones might be your next choice

Second-Hand Phones might be your next choice

Reuse Mobile Japan (RMJ) is a certifying agency in Japan established in response
to the Japanese government’s efforts to create a safe and fair second-hand cell phone/tablet market.

When consumers switch to new cell phone/tablet models,
they usually keep their former device at home due to it having sentimental value or it not being broken;
research estimates over 2 trillion yen worth (about $19.2 billion) of smartphones are stored in consumer homes.

To avoid perfectly good devices going to waste, RMJ developed a set of strict best practices guidelines for retailers selling second-hand devices,
including a five-grade scale to indicate the phone’s hardware and battery condition.

While more consumers are opting to sell their old mobile devices,
Japanese consumers prefer to purchase new ones over second-hand devices due to fear that the battery wouldn’t last long or the device malfunctioning.

Another reason the second-hand market has failed to gain much traction is limited retail stores carrying used devices.
RMJ is inviting more businesses to carry second-hand devices in order to expand the used cell phone/tablet market.

Kudos to RMJ and its members for paving the way for future retailers and for their efforts to reduce perfectly functional devices going to waste.
Would you choose to purchase a second-hand device over a new one? If not, could RMJ (or the government or retail stores) change your mind?



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