Beds Made of Cardboard??

Beds Made of Cardboard??

airweave Inc. is a bedding maker in Japan.
They provided roughly 18,000 beds for athletes during the Olympics and Paralympics games.
Specially designed, the bed frame is made out of cardboard and the beddings are extremely high quality, fit for the world’s top athletes.

Now that the athletes are gone, Osaka Gov. Hirofumi Yoshimura requested these beds for the new medical facility
being built for COVID-19 patients with minor or no symptoms. airweave Inc., has told the prefecture it is willing to donate the beds.

Kudos to airweave for their generosity and for Gov. Yoshimura for thinking of reusing olympic beds.
Apparently, 800 of these beds are expected to be reused in Osaka, but what of the remaining 17,000? Any takers?




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