What do Japanese Big Companies Do to Go Green?

What do Japanese Big Companies Do to Go Green?

Many Japanese companies are acquiring used electric vehicle (EV) batteries to get into the business of reusing these high-quality components. Even though these batteries can no longer power a vehicle, they can still be used for other purposes.  Here are 4 Japanese companies from different industries reusing EV batteries in very creative ways:

1)  The Forest Country Club operates 11 electric golf carts that run on EV batteries. 

2) Seven-Eleven Japan Co charges the EV batteries with electricity generated by solar panels during the day to operate the stores at nighttime. (verification trial)

3) East Japan Railway Co converts EV batteries into a power source for railway crossings during power outages. (verification trial)

4) Itochu Corp collects used lithium-ion batteries from EV taxis and buses in China, and converts them into storage batteries for factories and distribution centers (new business initiative)

Kudos to these 4 companies for investing their time and money in repurposing EV batteries. 


Source: https://www.phnompenhpost.com/business/ev-battery-recycling-efforts-spread-japan


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