Rice Straw can be an art??

Rice Straw can be an art??

The Wara Art Festival is held in Niigata Prefecture, Japan from the end of August to October every year.
This unique event began when rice farmers searched for novel ways to reuse the rice straw after the paddies have been harvested.

Traditionally, leftover rice straw has been used as fodder or to thatch roofs or weaved into tatami mats.
However, local villagers and university art students decided to weave the straw to make towering sculptures of animals and mythical creatures, some over 9 meters tall.
Art students are trained in Toba weaving , which is an indigenous craft.

Kudos to the rice farmers for their courage to try something extraordinary.
As a result, waste is eliminated, Toba weaving will not die out, and a new art festival that bridges the gap between farmers and young university students was created.  



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