Recycling Used Diapers???

Recycling Used Diapers???

Unicharm is a diaper maker in Japan.
They have been experimenting various ways to recycle used diapers since 2016, and have developed a new method that has simplified an otherwise very complicated process.

Their method extracts the pulp out of the diapers and turns them into recycled pulp via an ozone sterilization system.

According to the Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association, the adult diaper market expanded by about 49% since 2019 due to the rapid aging population in Japan.
This inevitably leads to an exceedingly large amount of diaper waste.

Unicharm’s general manager said they are aiming to turn used diapers into new ones multiple times, not just once.
By the time I have to wear diapers, recycled diapers will be the norm (knock on wood).

Just food for thought, but my recycled diaper could have been worn by my parents…
Regardless, kudos to Unicharm for being innovative and creating a new technology to decrease diaper waste. 




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